How to Delete Your My5 Viewing History


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My5, the on-demand streaming service from Channel 5 in the UK, keeps track of the shows and movies you watch to make personalized recommendations. While this can be helpful, there might be times when you want to clear your viewing history – perhaps you watched something embarrassing, or you’re sharing an account and don’t want to influence someone else’s recommendations.

Here’s a breakdown of how to delete your history on My5, whether you’re using the website or the app on various devices.

Clearing Your My5 History on the Website

Go to the My5 website: Visit the official My5 website and sign in to your My5 account.

Access your profile: Click on your name or profile icon in the top right corner of the website.

Locate “Clear Recommendations”: In the dropdown menu, find and click the option that says “Clear Recommendations” or a similar phrase.

Confirm: You might be asked to confirm the deletion of your viewing data. Click the confirmation button.

Clearing Your My5 History Through the App

The process for clearing your My5 history on the app can vary slightly depending on your device:

Open the My5 App: Launch the My5 app on your device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, etc.).

Sign In: Ensure you’re signed in to your My5 account.

Find Settings: Navigate to the Settings section of the My5 app. This could be represented by a gear icon or a menu labeled “Settings.”

Look for Privacy Options: Within the Settings menu, locate the section dealing with your viewing history. It might be called “Privacy”, “Watch History” or similar.

Clear Your History: Find the option to clear your viewing history and select it. You may be asked to confirm your choice.

Important Notes

Recommendations Update: Clearing your history on My5 doesn’t happen instantly. It may take some time for your recommendations to update and reflect the changes.

Account-Level: Deleting your My5 history will clear it across all devices connected to your account.

Additional Privacy Options on My5

Besides clearing your viewing history, My5 offers additional settings to personalize your privacy on the platform:

Search History: You can also clear your search history within the app’s settings or on the website.

Parental Controls: My5 provides parental controls to restrict content based on age ratings.

Consent Settings: Manage the cookies and data My5 and its partners use.

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Why You Might Want to Clear Your My5 History

Maintain Privacy: Clear your history if you want to keep your viewing habits private, especially if you share devices or an account.

Fresh Recommendations: Get a fresh start with new content recommendations based on your current tastes.

Remove Accidental Views: Clear any shows or movies you might have accidentally started.

By following these steps, you can easily manage your viewing history on My5 and maintain control over your privacy on the platform.

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Deleting your My5 viewing history is a straightforward process that gives you greater control over your privacy and recommendations on the platform. Whether you’re using the website or the app, it takes just a few easy steps to manage your viewing data. By utilizing the options to clear your history and explore other privacy settings, you can customize your My5 experience to suit your preferences.

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