Three Safety Tips for Long-Haul Truckers


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If you are new to the trucking business, you should know a few things about how you can safely get from place A to place B in the long haul. So, without ado, let us check out some tips that can ensure your safety and the safety of the cargo. 

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Always Watch Blind Spots

Here is the thing: truck accidents are fatal. So, there is tons of responsibility that you are dealing with – not only on the truck but also on your shoulders as a truck driver. Make it a point to always watch your blind spots – especially before changing lanes or making a turn.

Mostly, motorists aren’t aware of the blind spots of trucks, which is why most truck accidents occur with motorists. The common “no zones” of your truck include directly behind your truck, right behind the side mirrors, and right in front of the cab. 

If motorists or cars aren’t aware of a truck’s blind spots, they can make the fatal mistake of driving too close, which is why it is your responsibility, as a truck driver, to watch your blind spots always when you are about to switch lanes or make a turn. 

Always Maintain Your Truck

As a trucker, it is your responsibility to maintain your truck and make important checks before starting the engine. Regular truck maintenance will allow you to stay safe on the roads and prevent your truck from breaking down in the middle of the road – otherwise – you need to rely on Tow Truck Winches to pull your truck onto a towing platform. 

On that note, it is in your best interest to study the terrain that you will be driving on so that you don’t have to use winches to drag your truck out of the mud. Often, a map or Google cannot tell you about road conditions, so it is in your best interest to call the people at the location where you are delivering the cargo and ask them what to expect of the road conditions. 

Nonetheless, the point is to prioritize regular truck maintenance, including fluid flushes and oil changes.

Safely Secure the Cargo

As a trucker, it is your responsibility to safely secure the cargo on your truck. If you are hauling fragile items, make sure to use foam inserts so that the contents don’t move when you are driving on the roads. 

Also, to secure the cargo, you need to load the cargo mindfully while making the most of your available space. You can secure a sturdy ride by strategically positioning the cargo throughout the truck. Also, stack the cargo lower so that everything remains intact. 

When turning on roads, make sure to reduce your speed so that the truck doesn’t swerve. Speaking of speed, make sure to always follow the rules of speed limits. 

The Takeaway 

Among the several things that you can do to ensure you haul the cargo safely from one place to another – you must also practice good sleep hygiene and stay hydrated so you can stay mentally alert. Otherwise, you will run the risk of falling asleep behind the wells and putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

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